Engagement shoot timeline! 

I'm so excited that you've booked me for your wedding or engagement! Please read the the guide below so we can have a great session!

  • First and foremost we figure out a date and location for your session! I can provide suggestions or you can let me know of a place or two that would feel extra special - your home, a local park, or a memorable landmark that has been part of your relationship. 
  • Next we decide on a good time to meet. For the best lighting, I typically shoot at 'golden hour' which is the time before sunset, or the hour right after sunrise (a plus on doing this: we're shooting before any crowds or tourists are out!) I rarely shoot in the middle of the day when the sun is bright, but of course there can always be exceptions to that like if it's cloudy outside or snowing! 
  • Finally, you decide on the outfits. I want you to dress like yourselves and feel comfortable throughout the shoot, although there are a few things I recommend straying from such as distracting prints or bold logos. I also recommend comfortable shoes since we'll be walking around! Here is a link to a mood board I created to give you some ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/lauradilibertophoto/engagement-shoot-outfits/
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